Nubia’s Journey in Florida AB Trip

May 19, 2013

Please check out this prezi presentation! It highlights Nubia Del Carpio’s Alternative Break trip to Florida and it is sure to peak your interest!


May 16, 2013

As the school year draws to a close, I have been thinking about all of the important lessons that I have learned.  Perhaps the most important lesson I learned from our LLC class this year is that there is no single definition of a leader.  A leader can be quiet or loud, soft spoken or […]

Healthy Competition?

May 16, 2013

Anyone who know me, knows that I really love to watch TV 🙂  I really enjoy reality television shows that focus around competitive sports.  I was a competitive gymnast and absolutely loved it.  I think that this is one of the main reasons that I enjoy these competition shows so much.  Two shows that I […]

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

May 16, 2013

For this post, I would like to talk about a cause that is particularly near and dear to my heart: The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.  My father died of pancreatic cancer when I was four years old.  Back when my father was diagnosed, there was little awareness for this disease and really no available treatments. […]

Diabetes Awareness

May 16, 2013

Diabetes is a disease that affects almost every part of one’s body.  This condition is caused by excess glucose in one’s blood.  As discussed in my group’s presentation, there is currently no cure for diabetes.  The disease can only be managed and for some who have severe diabetes it is nearly impossible to manage.  Our […]

Leadership throughout College

May 7, 2013

This past semester has been a good one, andI have taken a lot away from the leadership class. It has made me realize that I can become a leader in whatever I do. Also, leadership can be portayed in many different styles. There are the leaders that take control of the group and are the […]


May 6, 2013

Everyone dreads finals. It is finals week now and the stress has been hitting everyone. I know that I need to do well on these upcoming finals. With that in mind, I looked online to find some tips about surviving finals. I found this article, Exam Preparation Tips, which has some key points in it. […]

Leadership Spotlight: Take 2, Sarina Stephenson

May 6, 2013

Just like the above photo shows, Sarina always had my back throughout the trip, as every AB trip leader should. It was January 2012 during Mason’s winter break. I was taking my first ever flight, first time out of the country, and my first ever Alternative Break trip. However, I was not nervous at all. […]

Stepping Stone to Further Greatness

May 5, 2013

Second semester is over! Woo Hoo. Congratulations everyone on making it through this year. 🙂 It’s been fun, an experience, and such a blessing getting to know everyone. Looking back on the year I can honestly say that I’m glad to be apart of the Leadership LLC. Besides learning what a leader is and how […]