Butter Dance

This is Melati Suryodarmo, an Indonesian artist who’s ideas are a little more than abstract. This video above is one of her many performances, ultimately designed to explore the relationship found between the human body in terms of the culture in which it belongs and the constellation in which it lives.

But why did I put this on a leadership blog?

I couldn’t help but feel a weird mix of emotions as I watched the video. Beginning with some simple curiosity, quickly escalated to laughter, but then I just couldn’t look away, no matter how many times she fell. I just didn’t understand. The only logic I could apply was that this is what she was passionate about. This is what she felt was the best thing she could do with her time.

I’m beginning to feel like our generation really discourages this kind of stuff. Sure, we’re all about the individual, but when it comes down to it, we’re really all still just trying to fit in somewhere. And as a result I think we lose our passion somewhere along the way. That’s a scary thought.

I find in myself that I’m often scared to express what I’m truly passionate about. Doesn’t make much sense does it? People all over campus are standing up and (literally) shouting about what they’re passionate about. I’m not saying we all need to stand in the middle of North Plaza on a soap box. But really, passion and purpose go hand in hand. Why wouldn’t we be pursuing what we’re passionate about every day of our lives?

So whether it’s dancing on butter or maybe just being the person you’ve always wanted to be. Go do it.

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  1.   mkinsey Says:

    I feel like Melati Suryodarmo’s dance is an example of what most people do everyday of their lives: go up and perform something ridiculous for other people, trying to impress them, and sometimes painfully falling down. The impressive (or slightly insane) thing with her performance is that she keeps getting up after she falls, HARD. She shows that perseverance is key.

  2.   acrummie Says:

    There is nothing better than someone doing what they love to do. Melati Suryodamos dance is a perfect example of it. When someone does something they love they don’t care what people think how much it hurts they just are in a moment of bliss.In my personally opinion this is what a leader should feel when they are leading

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