Healthy Competition?

Anyone who know me, knows that I really love to watch TV 🙂  I really enjoy reality television shows that focus around competitive sports.  I was a competitive gymnast and absolutely loved it.  I think that this is one of the main reasons that I enjoy these competition shows so much.  Two shows that I particularly like to watch are Dance Moms and a new show featured on CMT called Cheer.  These shows present polar opposite coaching strategies.  Although both coaches can be tough on their athletes there is a distinct differences in their teaching methods.  The coach on Cheer uses the “tough love” method to motivate her athletes, but the dance teacher on Dance Moms relies solely on being tough.  The dance instructor constantly yells at her students and only provides positive feedback to her favorite kids.  These two methods of coaching are vastly different.  What are your opinions on this?  Where is the line drawn in regards to how much a coach should be allowed to push their athletes for positive results in competition.  Coaches are important leaders and are often their athlete’s inspirations.  What is the best way to lead a group of athletes to success?

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