Bossy ?



So it isn’t my turn to blog but I thought this picture was really interesting and I was hoping I could spark some conversation! So what do you guess thing? How does this make you feel? Do you like it or believe it? Why or why no?

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  1.   ptinnell Says:

    It’s so weird that you posted this today because I actually saw this pic for the first time last night and it definitely reminded me of some discussions we have had in class. Honestly I think that this picture is one dimensional. As I have mentioned before I believe someone is demonstrating leadership when they are the person carrying out the task or role that is most lacking in the group. So, in the top picture if the individuals represented are all good at and enjoy being the physical do-ers of the group, but they lack direction and a plan then the individual in the chair is being a leader, however if the others group members have other skills and roles they could do, but are being forced to do what one person tells them then the person is being bossy, not a leader. The bottom picture shows a more unified group, but if they are all doing the same thing and no one is utilizing their unique skills then there is no leader, however if one individual is taking the lead by encouraging and motivating the other group members where there was none before then yes they are being a leader.

  2.   rcoda Says:

    I LOVE this picture! Especially one being that I have a job on campus and I’m quickly learning about the hierarchy of the office. Pretty much there’s a boss at the top who has an assistant who has an assistant who has me. Passed down from person to person is the tasks that one could do on their own, but instead they assign it to someone in lower “rank” than them. In this format, does everything get done? Yes, it’s a business, and when money is involved things will get done. But is it the most effective way to get things done? Probably not. As leaders, we lead by example. The people that follow us should become better followers firstly, and future leaders secondly, by mimicking the actions we do and the choices we make, Out of this comes more respect, and I feel a lot more gets done this way.

  3.   acrummie Says:

    This picture is awesome. When some one is just sending commands from the top and not out there on the grind like everyone else. It is hard for them to get the respect from the common worker. I feel like this setup is one of the reason why their workers unions.

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