Saying Goodbye…for Now

I’m sort of weird. I kind of enjoy goodbyes. I can be a super emotional person and I appreciate the opportunity goodbyes give me to express how much I love and appreciate a person. People don’t always listen to my emotional “I love you”s until they understand how genuine I am…and goodbyes are that time when they listen, they understand. It’s a sweet time that isn’t always provided for in day-to-day life.
This year I’ve gotten super involved with the international community on campus…something that has truly made my experience at Mason thus far and blessed me beyond what I’d ever expected! Beginning my involvement with English Corner, however, I hadn’t really thought much about the fact that most international students are here for just a semester. Before I knew it, I’d become best friends with a guy from Taiwan who is leaving in less than two weeks. It’s a scary thing to realize that I might not see him again…this is one my hardest and sweetest goodbyes yet.
In these last 2 weeks, I am trying to enjoy every last moment, to cherish this time with my friends, to hold on to these memories that I never want to forget. Less sarcasm, more heart-to-heart conversations. Hanging out just for the sake of hanging out, not caring where we go or what we do, as long as we’re together. More pictures to help me cling to these memories forever…
My prayer is that these goodbyes will not be for forever, but if not I’m learning to have peace in the middle of this season of goodbyes.

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  1.   mfuerst Says:

    I have a good friend I met on my past AB trip who is going back to China after summer! I am super glad that she was able to come here and enjoy Mason and learn a lot about American culture, but at the same time I wish I had time to know her even more! One neat thing about Mason is how many people you’ll meet from around the world, for sure.

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