Keep Calm & Lead/Volunteer On!

As the year is coming to a close and finals are approaching, the clubs and organizations the Leadership and Community Engagement residents are involved with on campus are also nearing to an end. In addition, this LLC only has one class left next week (insert Cleanex wipes). Although this year has been a transitional and self-starting year for everyone, there is much work left to be done. As Piedmont 2nd will all move out, travel back to our homes, start our summer journeys, and let the academia drain from our brains… Let us not forget just how far we have come, but our far we are going to go!


I have full confidence in saying how proud I am of each participant in the Leadership and Community Engagement/Sustainability LLC. This was the first year the LCE LLC was ever executed on GMU’s campus, and I feel we have all been vital in shaping the true Mason IDEA. We are a unique group of dynamic, enthusiastic, and passionate individuals that are all working hard to become leaders on this campus and for our future communities. The skills we have gained this year through the LLC and through our engagement a part of on-campus clubs and organizations or the off-campus opportunities we should not forget to take into our next steps! It has been a pleasure getting to know each one of you on Piedmont 2nd this year, and I will always call every one of you my family.

“I have been changed FOR GOOD.”

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