How Do We Stop Climate Change? Party It Up!

David Orr brought up a lot of interesting topics in his climate change lecture, “Designing Resilience in a Black Swan World,” earlier this month on April 4th, but one point has still stuck with me: in order to get people to join the fight against climate change, we have to make sustainability one big party! By this, Orr meant that we have to make it fun and exciting, new and innovative. People have to want to get involved and have a great time doing so. And it’s very well possible!

For instance, art installations like this one to the right by Amy Young (called “Building A Rainbow“) promote solutions to modern-day issues with sustainaSONY DSCbility. In this sustainable garden structure, composting worms give nutrients to the water which is recycled throughout the re-purposed plant materials.

There is also the option of joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Once you join one, you pay for a weekly amount of fresh and seasonal food from a local farmer! This cuts back on the carbon emissions of transporting foods nationally or internationally, it supports your local farmers and economy, and you get fresh and delicious foods all year long! If you’re interested in this, there’s a farm tour/hike at Bull Run Farm (which will be a CSA provider for Mason students interested in signing up for one) this Sunday the 28th from 9am-4pm.

There are so many more changes we can make in our daily lives that allow us to use less resources and reuse everything we can! It takes a leader to pave the way into this change we need to make in our society! I know that just by living on this floor I’ve made so many changes to my lifestyle, have any of you learned new ways to be sustainable while here at Mason?


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  1.   Roger Says:

    Mimi, you are too awesome. I keep thinking about David Orr’s celebration comments as well. Sustainability needs to be inviting and accessible to everyone!

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