Everybody Else is Taken

We all love being a leader. It’s nice to have people look up to you as an inspiration. There is one thing that I love about what we all enjoy is the ability to be ourselves.Be yourself because everybody else is taken. We have skills that other people don’t have or that people can’t replicate like us. I am here to say that people should proud of who they are and own up to their goals.

You can only be one person. Why not be the best person that is? Which is obviously you.

I’m just being nice here, but it’s also true. Be unique because boring is boring.

3 Responses to “Everybody Else is Taken”

  1.   llawson Says:

    Boring is indeed boring. Serving as a Mason Ambassador has given me a lot of exposure to the Admissions process. Admissions Officers are much more likely to get excited about someone who has shown how they are an individual rather than writing the 3,000th essay for that year about winning the big game. I don’t think that this mentality is restricted to admission to George Mason. If you look at the bigger picture, why would anyone want someone without unique traits? If everyone had the same traits, there would be no reason to recognize one person for what they are good at. It is the contrast between us where our true talents lie.

  2.   rcoda Says:

    This is so true! Often times people portray themselves to be something they are not in order to fit an image that will make them more appealing to others. I believe everyone is unique and special in their own way, and can never be duplicated-not even twins! There’s only one you, so as stated above, why not be the best YOU can be?

  3.   etorres6 Says:

    Well said, I agree. Even when we find our selves doing something completely embarrassing, or things where you have to ask yourself “Why did I just do that? That was stupid.” are just the things that make us us. This year I’ve grown a lot, accepting the person I am and the person I’m becoming and this was one of the first things I had to teach myself in order to accept me. 🙂

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