Give Away


This was by far the saddest thing I’ve had to watch. I remember seeing Toy Story 3 when it first came out and I literally walked out of the theater when I saw what was happening haha. Toy Story played a significant role in my childhood and I could not believe the creators chose to end it that way.

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to give something up, whether physical or abstract? How did you feel afterwards?

Hopefully my story will help you make sense of what I am trying to get at. For the longest time, I have been the baby of my family. I’ve received mostly all of the attention from my parents and my older siblings (who are significantly older than me). Holidays, specifically Christmas, was always all about me, and I wanted it no other way. I always had the most gifts under the tree and received everything I wanted. As of 5 years ago, however, that all changed when my niece was born. Seeming as if I no longer mattered, Christmas suddenly shifted toward her. I remember feeling as if we were in competition and she was winning. Call me selfish, but all I could think about was how no one was paying me any mind. I was literally forced to “give away” all the attention to her. Now, older and wiser of course, I look back on it and laugh. I was acting like a spoiled brat. But change is hard and so is having to give away something you’ve cherished for years.┬áSo while my possession wasn’t something tangible like Andy’s, the attention I relinquished to my niece was sort of like my Woody in a sense. My niece recently turned 5 and she needs attention now more than ever, so I’m glad I was able to come to terms with that.

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