“You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

One of my favorite song’s is Rusted Roots cover of You Can’t Always Get What You Want (and here are full lyrics). While the verses are resoundingly political, that’s not what I tend to focus on in this song. Instead, I like the chorus which states:

“You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you just may find, you get what you need.”

We are such a materialistic and instantaneous society: we want what we want, and we want it now! However, if we considered what are true means of living are, and applied some of the leftover to those less fortunate, perhaps they could get what they need.┬áThe world has a funny way of working itself out, I’ve found. Call it karma, a miracle, destiny, or God- things somehow seem to be alright.

So next time you get frustrated or anxious because you can’t immediately get what you want, relax. Have some patience, sit back, and be amazed at the way the day ends.

3 Responses to ““You Can’t Always Get What You Want””

  1.   ksutton5 Says:

    I really like this post because I can definitely admit that I am not a very patient person. When I want something I try my very best to get it, and usually in the end I found that it would have been a lot less stressful if I would have just waited for time to take it’s course. Sometimes… yes it is good to be a go getter and know what you want in life. Yet, I feel so many of us want things for our lives at the wrong times. Sure everyone wants to be successful and well off one day, but it is not going to happen anytime soon. We just need to enjoy the moment and stop trying to obtain something that we are not ready for. I just always keep this quote in mind, “Everything will happen in due course” so just ride it out!
    -keilah S

  2.   soofed Says:

    I believe in Karma as well. Every time I wanted something so badly and got frustrated of not getting it, my mother told me, “maybe it’s not meant to be right now”. This would even aggravate me even more. However, over time I have learned that my mother’s word’s were so wise and true. Whenever I just let go and waited, the things that I strived so hard for, just came to me. From experience if it’s not meant to be, then just leave it because it might not be your time for it.

  3.   jsakevic Says:

    I really like that saying. It makes a lot of sense. I believe that if you do good stuff for people, it will come back to you. It would either come back as a favor or something along that line. Sometimes it is good to just relax and watch things fall into place.

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