Is getting straight A’s in school important as a leader?

Sometimes when you’re going through school, whether it’s college or kindergarten in elementary school, you wonder, “Is getting good grades important?” Or even more specifically, is getting straight A’s important?

First let’s go over the pros and cons of getting straight A’s, we can tie leadership into it later.


  • Good grades in school means you have a better chance of getting into a tougher school
  • Good grades in school means that for the most part, you knew what you were doing
  • Sometimes good grades in school is not easy to get, so you feel achievement in attaining good grades, even better if it’s straight A’s


  • No one cares about it after college or high school
  • Grades won’t save you when you  hit the end of the road in life
  • It’s time consuming to get good grades
  • You may have less of a social life


So there are more cons than there are pros, but it really boils down to personal taste in whether getting good grades is something you want to do or not. Some people work their whole lives off on it and deem it more important than anything else, while others couldn’t care any less about getting straight F’s in school. For others, they just do their best and whatever grade they get, they get.

It’s best to do what you think is most beneficial for who you are, without letting anybody tell you otherwise, and that’s how you show that you are a good leader. It may be that no one ends up following you, but sometimes a leader will have no followers.

Also it’s not a very good idea to get straight F’s, because there’s absolutely no academic benefits to that, also, it’s a waste of dollars/tax dollars, that went into a straight F student’s education.

There aren’t really any negative effects to getting straight A’s either. Let’s go over some possible negatives for straight A’s and why it’s not a big deal after all.


Possible Cons of Straight A’s

  • No one cares about it after high school or college
    • Who cared about it in the first place?
    • Like the first paragraph says, it’s really all about your personal taste. Whether you want to work hard for something or not.
    • No one in reality actually cares about your grades, except for your friends and family, they want you to do well. So that’s a pro, because no one wants you to do badly, only greatly.
    • Unless you’re a villain, then people will want you to fail. But even then, your villain friends will want you to do well.
  • Grades won’t save you in the end of the road in life
    • Then again, nothing will
  • It’s time consuming to get good grades
    • So is watching TV for 10 hours a day, or doing drugs. Which is healthier and more productive and has higher benefits?
    • Time goes by fast when you’re doing something you want to do. Sometimes a homework assignment will take me 5 hours or more to do, yet I don’t even notice the time going by so quickly.
  • You may have less of a social life
    • Weird how sometimes the best students in school are also the most popular
    • Friends are really easy to make, most people that study extremely hard may not have enough time to commit to their friends in the beginning, but they might have too time much later on
    • Also, who says you can’t balance good grades and good friends together?
In the end, the cons of straight A’s can be taken out. So there’s really nothing wrong about getting straight A’s. There can be things wrong with not getting straight A’s though.


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