Leadership Remixed

So, I am sitting in my comfy bed listening to music, trying to combat the usual writer’s block for my blog and then it hits me: why not write about music?!

I pulled up an article that speaks on how to direct an orchestra efficiently and the huge things they pointed out that is commonly known are:

  • Tuning of the instruments
  • Feedback
  • Feed-forward
  • Communication( muy importante!)
  • Trading Places for Resonance
  • Rehearsal
We can apply this to ourselves, sans the instruments and put these to use in another working environment. The tuning of the instruments is sharpening our skills,each person displays their strengths(feedback) , relay ideas and actions from peer to peer(feed forward and communication), whilst trying not to get too comfortable(trading places), and after a few tries(rehearsal) results in a compelling product/idea,etc.

We roll to the beat of our own drums, and at times we just follow. Because music is so expressive like we are what we create is essentially a product of our abilities–and it all has the potential to end in a sweet outcome, so why not remix it, add something new and continue to tackle tasks and reinforce innovation.

Leadership is pretty much like a mash-up : assorted genres and beats syncopated together to become one and be glorious. It’s a beautiful sight to see , and definitely music to my ears.

So we can be harmonious, like this little ditty right here:



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  1.   cshuler Says:

    This is awesome, probably my favorite blog post so far. I like the creative perspective you put on describing leadership, very insightful!

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