Lets talk about Leadership….

Leadership is about breaking things!

Hey guys, This is my first blog on the page hopefully I post it right. I’m not really a pro at the social media sites and stuff. But anyways. I was looking around the net to figure out what im to blog about and i found this article. I truly believe that being leadership is about breaking barriers that stop a community from advancing. As leader I feel that we get lazy and we kinda go into autopilot and say we did this last year so lets just do it this year. Instead of being taking the extra time and saying “yea did that last year…lets take it to a whole nother level”.  A great metaphor for this is when a person goes to goes to the same restaurant everyday.

Yea the food is pretty good and they have a nice ambiance. Then that same restaurant gets amazing new restaurant with friendly service,immaculate ambiance, and tasty food that make even Gorden Ramsey happy. That person who loves that original restaurant never decides goes to the new restaurant. Its better any every since but  you still don’t take the time out of your life to put in the effort to make a change. So as leaders we need to take the time out of our day to be innovative.

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  1.   Wendy Wagner Says:

    I like your metaphor. Most scholarly definitions of leadership include “change” as a must-have. If the group isn’t going somewhere, then it isn’t leadership. Can “leading” a group that isn’t making a difference anywhere really be called “leading?” That doesn’t mean that a program that is working needs to be changed just for the sake of shaking things up – but it does mean we have a responsibility to examine the things our group does and be honest about whether they are as effective as they could be. Does a long-standing program continue to make a positive difference in the way it is intended to? Then drive on! Could it have an even greater impact in some way? Then it’s time for leaders to get to work. To put it in the terms of your metaphor – if we don’t explore other restaurants then how do we know if our food is the best?

  2.   ccoats Says:

    There’s something about tradition that’s comfortable. We have certain structures and systems in which we operate and that defines leadership to some. The ones who are able to break away from that are great leaders.

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