A Matter of the HART

The local, no-kill HART Shelter has adoption events at the Chantilly Petco every Saturday, and last Saturday afternoon, I absolutely fell in love with this big guy. Meet Boudreaux (pronounced BOO-Droh) : Total sweetheart, Husky mix, upwards of 75 pounds, & a stone-cold professional Lady Killer.


Well, today the gears in my head were turning fast, and before I knew it I had landed on HART’s website  and was applying to be a foster mommy for him. Alas, I was struck down mid-application by my own parents when I called and told them my fantastic plan. First, I cried because they wouldn’t let me give all my love to him… But then I got inspired! If there was any way to help him, that’s what I was planning to do.

Like I said earlier, HART has these events every Saturday of the year (sans the 2 weeks for a Holiday party and their fundraiser) . I’m planning on going to more of these Adoption Days and seeing where else I can help out in the organization. The planning on this emotional venture is still hot out of the oven, so who knows what else I’ll be doing, but I hope that at the very least I’ll be able to see Boudreaux off to a good family.

Sometimes, by wanting the best for someone or something, they can’t be with you. It’s a tough and recurring lesson of life, but I’m trying to learn. I guess I’m a little shocked that this time around my teacher was a lean, mean, furry machine.

2 Responses to “A Matter of the HART”

  1.   rcoda Says:

    So true! And it’s always the parents who strike down the good ideas. But some good things came out of this! Since you couldn’t foster parent the dog, now you’re beginning to think of more ways you can get involved in the organization and what you can do to help. Now, you’ll probably help Boudreaux and so many more dogs as a result. Good luck!

  2.   mfuerst Says:

    Margot this is so touching!! You can learn from everything in life and I’m glad you’re taking something positive out of this situation. It’s a sad but important lesson to learn.

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