Putting it in the rearview mirror

As we all, I am sure know, our freshmen year is coming to a close. To some it is exciting and they are ready to move on but for me (and some others) we are very sad and don’t want to see it go. I literally feel like I just moved in and now they are already telling me “Congrats you’re a sophomore now!” What? Where did my entire year go? I am so upset to be leaving only the best room in piedmont second, my roommate, my hall, my everything. I feel, as freshmen, when we come to college we create a whole new life for ourselves because we have so much freedom and responsibility dumped onto us that we almost have to just to survive. And now we have to leave all of it behind and try to settle back into they old swing of things. As I was packing a few of my things away, I was thinking how hard it is going to be to move out but then I suddenly thought why am I letting myself be so upset when nothing bad is really happening?! I had an amazing freshmen year, and yes there were many bumps and hard times but that is all apart of the experience. I have tried and done so many new thing and I was sad because I thought that leaving where all these experiences took place, I might somehow forget. But in reality the decisions that I made, the fun that I enjoyed , and even the hard times that I pushed through (like procrastination to study for three exams till midnight the night before) I can never forgot that! It’s impossible !!! These memories will always stick with me, and help shape my entire future here at Mason. Even though it will be hard to say goodbye, it always is, I know that putting these good memories in my rearview mirror is going to be okay. So keep calm and know that putting good memories in the past is only a great step towards the future !

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  1.   ptinnell Says:

    Keilah, first off I really like the title of this post, I don’t know why, but I really like the term rearview mirror. I totally understand how you feel. Just wait until next year when you realize that you are half way done with college. Sometimes I want to slow it down or speed it up, but I am trying to focus on enjoying the pace of life that is happening right now. I felt like that coming into this year. I had so much fun and memories that I created my freshman year, along with the bad, but I didn’t want to lose any of it. Laughs, tears, and especially the friends. However, I am much more excited about next year than I was about this year before it started. I think its because I realized that the memories are always there, and the people who matter will seek to keep in touch. Plus, who wouldn’t love living on Piedmont 2nd, it really has been fantastic!

  2.   rcoda Says:

    Yes! Being that we just reminisced the other night, you know I totally agree. It’s like man, where did the year go? Just last year I was wondering where I would even go for college, and here I am approaching my sophomore year. That’s insane to me! But you’re right, nothing is bad about this year coming to a close. We still have all the memories and pictures to show for it (thank you Instagram). Next year is going to be bigger and better, and life has so much more in store for us. One year down, three to go!

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