Leadership Spotlight: Take One, Bethlehem Addis

In March of 2013, I participated in an Alternative Break trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This trip was led by Giulia Manno and Bethlehem Addis. The focus of this AB trip was community activism and education. While on this trip, I developed a special place in my heart for our leaders. They made sure all of the participants, including myself felt safe and comfortable throughout the trip. AB trip leader Bethlehem reflecting on previous trips said,  “leading an Alternative Break trip has improved my leadership skills and has enabled me to grow as a individual. The responsibilities of being a trip leader is rewarding in all aspects.” Being a leader on these trips have caused Bethlehem to grow in more ways than one, which is what AB is all about. This trip has caused her to think outside of herself and realize the true impact community service can have on a impoverished area. When it comes to what inspires her the most on these trips, she explained it was being able to watch participants grow and gain knowledge on the service issue we are working with. Facilitating reflections and spending time with participants really makes the trip complete for me!” Bethlehem clearly gave you a peak into a life leading a AB trip. She goes on to say she gets to have fun on these trips and learn as well, you get the best from both worlds. It is a opportunity that should not be taken for granted.
If you or someone you know is interested in leading a Alternative Break trip for the 2013-2014 school year, apply to do so
http://clce.gmu.edu/alternative-break/apply-to-participate-ab . You will regret not taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity!


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  1.   mfuerst Says:

    I know Bethlehem from my Cornerstones class where she is teacher assistant; I’ve gone to her for help on a paper once and she was very helpful! I noticed that she led an AB trip as well and I think she is an excellent example of a campus leader!

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