Change is GOOD!

In order to fully grow and to fully change in an experience, most people think it takes weeks, months, or even years. I am proof that this is an inaccurate statement. In my time here at George Mason, I’ve participated in 2 Alternative Break trips. I went to Jamaica in the winter of 2012 and Philadelphia in the spring of 2013. Both trips were one week long, just ONE. These trips impacted me more than I could’ve ever imagined. Not only did I grow individually, but we grew as a group. Both trips allowed us to appreciate what we had back at home and cherish the little things we take for granted, such as hot water, a comfortable bed, and being able to walk outside and feel safe.

On both of these trips, we realized that in order to feel like you’re making a difference in society, community service is key! Of course, these trips don’t change you overnight, but after a week of being immersed into their culture and being accepting of their values, you begin to open your eyes and see the bigger picture. Change occurs around you every day, whether you accept it or not is your choice! Make the right choice and be a participant on an alternative break trip. It will be something you keep with you for the rest of your life so do not miss out, you will regret it. To learn more, check out our website !

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