Summer with AB–Does it get any better?

What is the best way to spend 1-2 weeks of your summer you ask? Without question, the answer is participating in some COMMUNITY SERVICE! Alternative Breaks here at GMU gives you on the opportunity to do just that. From May 25th- May 31st 2013, you have the chance to travel to Pine Ridge, SD. With this trip, you will have the opportunity to build relationships with the Oglala Lakota people on the Pine Ridge reservation. In addition to that, you will assist with building affordable and adequate housing. This is once in a lifetime opportunity. Does Pine Ridge, SD not sound like the summer AB trip for you? No worries, we have another option. From May 25th- June 5th 2013, go to The Negev, Israel. This trip allows participants to work with peacebuilders, photographers, filmmakers, and health experts to with Bedouin youth. You get the chance to teach and learn at the same time in the Bedouin schools and camps. These are two opportunities you want to take full advantage so do so. Here’s the link..

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