Running on empty? Take a break.

Homework, homework, midterms, meetings, class, exams, and projects: you need a break.

Two weeks ago, we all had the chance to enjoy our Spring Breaks in hopefully the most euphoric ways possible. You all either traveled on vacations, went on alternative breaks, and even enjoyed a relaxed stay-cation(I know I did.)

Sometimes,when  you put all of your energy into your talents and passions,  you become stressed and burnt out. With my activities that I have to balance with school, there have been plenty of times where I have been–for better explanation, I am going to relate this in Tumblr gifs:

  • BEAT

All comic relief aside, how do I get my energy back?! This is a lesson I am gradually learning. You don’t want the flame to blow out very quickly, so it is best to try and take breaks when you can to recollect yourself.

We are a month and a half away from finishing out the semester , so for now keep your chin up and push through. However, work in intervals, and when you need it, take some time out for yourself.  Go to a quiet place; because how are you going to keep your pace at 2000% when mentally and physically you might be on empty?

Anybody have any tips on how to get my energy/mojo back or are you guys in the same boat?

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  1.   llawson Says:

    One thing I have learned is that naps are worth it! I used to just push through whatever I was working on. Naturally, my half asleep state yielded some subpar results. Sometimes it is just better to set a timer and give yourself some time to recover before your next text. This is also applicable in a larger since – build time into your schedule to rest. Not only will you perform better, you will likely get better results as well.

  2.   mkinsey Says:

    Janessa, I too have found that it’s easy to run yourself ragged with all the exciting and busy aspects of college life. There is essentially always something to do, weather it’s a required assignment or a fun activity with a club/friends. Striking a balance can be difficult. My dad has been telling me for as long as I can remember “Work hard, play hard”, it’s one of his catchphrases. He tells me this practically every time we see each other, and it is truly great advice.

    It’s important to get done what needs to be done for that day, but when the necessary work is taken care of, don’t find MORE ways to work; relax! You deserve it. For example, yesterday was a very full day with lots of running around. I knew I had some work that needed to get done sometime this week, but it wasn’t needed for me to do it right then. By that night I was running on “E”, so I took the evening and watched episodes of Drake & Josh and ate candy. No regrets.

  3.   rcoda Says:

    Learning how to relax is definitely something I’m quickly learning as well. Being a full time student and having two jobs, my life seemed to speed up out of nowhere from first semester. Finding a balance is key to a successful collegiate career for sure!

  4.   etorres6 Says:

    Yes! This is actually exactly how I was feeling like a week or two ago (to relate it to your tumblr gifs I would be the bunny or the man who just lays down on the floor). I wish I would have seen this a couple weeks ago, I could have reminded myself that I can’t do it all.

  5.   lwaldron Says:

    I completely agree. We all need to remember to breathe, get adequate sleep, and prioritize. It is so hard to get caught up in the schedules without seeing the world around us. We are all thankful to be alive at this point!

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