Why it’s always Sunny in Philadelphia

Even though it rained and snowed during my week spent in North Philadelphia, to me it will always be sunny in Philadelphia.


I never thought that in just a weeks time I could go from being just a random person who came to volunteer to feeling like part of a community. From everyone that worked at the school or writing lab I volunteered at,  to those who lived in the surrounding community, to my peers who were also on the trip, I always felt welcomed and like I belonged where I was. Participating in this alternative break allowed me to see advantages I have had in my life, especially in the field of education, that I might not have realized otherwise. It was amazing to see how tons of people from a single community were so dedicated to preserving the safety, happiness, and future oppurtunities of the areas youth that they devoted all of their time and effort into ensuring that they got these things.

By the end of the week I had kids asking me why I had to leave and if I would ever come back to visit. Seeing how just a short period of time can make such a huge impact was incredible. For all of the people that inspire kids on a daily basis just by being around, rather it be parents, teachers, volunteers, or anyone, you are a role model. You are the ones who are breaking the cycle of missed oppurtunites. You are the ones who lead others to a better life, you are the ones who inspire others to do what you are doing. Your impact on your community will be prevelant for generations to come.  One good deed can go a long way. In Philadelphia, I met dozens of people who inspired me and in return I will do my best to spread their good deeds. And that is why it will always be sunny in Philadelphia for me.

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  1.   ksutton5 Says:

    “One good deed can go a long way” I love that because it is so true! Just the simplicity that you saw of the people that are helping these kids makes you want to come back to Mason and do the same, and maybe you doing it here will spark another persons interested too; and so the snowball is rolling. I also feeling this could have a negative affect because say one kid starts doing drugs and other kid gets curious about drugs as well, a negative snowball could also evolve. So the more good deeds that we try to spread, the more chances a young child curious about his next steps in life with pick a great and successful path rather then a bad destructive one! Yay Paige for making a difference! 🙂

  2.   ooladipu Says:

    Wow Paige, I totally disagree with you! Just kidding I totally agree. I felt that as soon as I arrived I felt welcomed by the community members and especially the kids. Its also funny Keilah, that you mentioned the snowball effect. This was definitly prevalant in the classrooms, as far as behaviour went. If one student would act up, his or her friend would follow and soon you would have a class full of chatty children! I also like to think of the negative lifestyles involving selling or using drugs more as a vicous circle, due to the economy and failing education system. Our community leader, Elle Sawyer, (who has a documentary out “Pull of Gravity”) is definitly one of those positive role models who is making a huge impact in community with kids through his good deeds and sincerity. One person doing good goes a long way.

  3.   cwashin212 Says:

    I love this Paige! I couldn’t agree with you more on this post. No matter where we went in the city, it was always sunny in Philadelphia. I can honestly say we as a group fully enjoyed our experience and got a lot more out of this trip than any of us could ever imagine. I will ever cherish Philly and I cannot wait for the opportunity to us to go back. Please encourage others to get involved with AB && if you or anyone wants to lead a AB trip next year, do the application ASAP! Lastly please send me this collage I LOVE IT!!! 🙂

  4.   ptinnell Says:

    Yes, Yes and Yes, thanks Cherelle! You are doing a great job encouraging people to do alternative breaks and rightfully so because they are amazing!

  5.   rcoda Says:

    That was a great way to spend break, Paige! It’s great how volunteering can leave you with a warm feeling inside. Working with kids especially, they become so attached to you so quickly and before you know it- you become this role model in their life. It’s great to see you make an impact on the lives of others, even if it’s for a short period of time like a week! Great job!

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