I fell in love with the city of “Brotherly Love”











Our spring break was a little different from the average college students’ spring break. 14 college students from George Mason University went to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for their spring break to volunteer in the schools and help clean up the community that is North Philadelphia.


The trip was truly an amazing one. People underestimate just how much of an impact a week long trip of service can have on someone. We were able to see just how good we have it with our education systems among various other things that we take for granted in our everyday lives.


The children we worked with at Freire Charter School and Spells Writing Lab were appreciative that we took time out of our busy schedules to help teach them. They did not want us to leave and we did not want to say goodbye as well.


The people of the community were welcoming and made sure to protect us at all times.  If you want to give back to the community and be treated with wonderful hospitality as well, the alternative break trip to Philadelphia is the one for you. You will learn so much and develop a bond with the children and the people of the community that will last a lifetime!







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  1.   ptinnell Says:

    Cherelle, I also fell in love with the city of brotherly love. At the beginning of the trip, I didn’t expect to feel so welcomed and secure, but by the end of the week I did. All of the people we meet there were amazing, and truly inspiring. I think that education is something that is easy for many people to take for granted until they actually see what its like for kids who may not have had the same educational oppurtunities as they have. I definetely want to continue to ensure that all kids have their educational needs met. Philadelphia is a great trip that would benefit so many people! Nice post and I love the picture!!!


  2.   mkinsey Says:

    One summer, I volunteered for a week in Philadelphia with the Boys & Girls club. The kids were absolutely precious and it was hard for me to see them have to grow up at a young age out of necessity. It was astonishing to see how self reliant the kids were- especially the eldest siblings. They taught me that week that people, kids especially, are stronger than we give them credit for & that strength cannot be easily taken away if exhibited by a determined individual.

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