When is it fun and when is it work?

In preperation for our community engagement projects, I have been thinking alot about service projects and events that I have attended in the past. One thing that I noticed is that sometimes community service feels like work, while other times it just feels fun. But I also realized that it’s not the event itself that is either work or fun, but yet something entirely different.

I attended a service event this past Saturday, that I also attended the same time last year. Except, last year the event was a blast. I got to meet lots of new people and felt like I was contributing to the cause, while at the same time having a blast. This year, I did the exact same thing at the event as last year, except it felt more like work, not fun. That’s when it hit me, nothing about the event had changed, except for the other people who were also in attendance.

Voila, thats the answer. Even at an event that is seemingly mundane, if the others who are serving with you and the benefactors want to be there and are enjoying themselves then it is fun. However, even at an event that is exciting, if the benefactors and others serving alongside you do not appear to care or seem that interested than it feels more like work.

So for me, I discovered that the company of those who I am serving with and those who are benefiting from our service are what make events fun for me. I will be sure to choose my commrades of service carefully from now on, or maybe I can be the one to make it fun for others. What seperates service from being fun to less than stellar for you?

3 Responses to “When is it fun and when is it work?”

  1.   ksutton5 Says:

    I really liked how you analyzed this particular situation because I don’t think I ever would have though about it like that. However it is very true that who you work along side and the attitudes of who you are benefiting play a major role on how enjoyable and fun a service project can be. I know at the beginning of the fall semester I hated to go on trips with the hall because I felt like I got off on bad foot with everyone and I felt unwelcome by some of the tension that ensued. But now that I have just opened myself up and tried to engage more with the floor and attend more trips I really really enjoy working with them to help others. I genuinely feel that having people you can bond with can make any experience great, especially service projects.

  2.   jskyers Says:

    I agree. Going through something similar earlier in the week, it is true that your peers or colleagues can play a significant part in whether service can be fun or flat. There’s always next time, right?

  3.   adipert Says:

    I think that’s one of the awesome things about being in an LLC with such cool people; whenever we have events, they are just fun because of all the friends and community members around! 🙂

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