As you’re growing up you learn that difference between a follower and a leader.  A leader is someone that takes the first step, shows by example, and isn’t afraid to be wrong at times. At first I use to believe that a leader was a person that would just take the role and have control of everybody and everything that is going on at the moment. Now that I’m growing up I’m realizing that just because a person speaks up first and decides to take control does not make him or her a leader. A leader can be anyone at anytime of the day. This leadership class made me realize a lot about the different types of leadership roles and how to go about each role. There are a lot of qualities to have as a leader not just someone that can tell people what to do and boss them around.

As a person I was never the one to step up and say something first. I was always behind the scenes and if you need my help I was there to contribute. I am a shy person and never felt like my opinion was good enough for a group discussion. I would sit back and listen to what everyone had to say and put everything together for the group, assuming more of an organizational role. Now seeing that there are different components in being a leader being the behind the scenes person can also make you a leader too because you are taking the role and collecting all the data and compacting it into one message for the group or maybe even a group paper. All my life I would always finish the work for a group and take the responsibility for finishing that assignment. Doing all that makes me a leader in itself. I’ve never noticed that but that is good quality to have as a leader; a person a group of people can count on

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  1.   Lori Lawson Says:

    It is excellent to hear that the class has helped contribute to this revelation of yours! This too was something I learned after coming to GMU. So many myths about leadership exist that it is absolutely mind-blowing to think of all the non-traditional ways of being a leader. It certainly takes all types of leaders working together to make change, whether we are outspoken or take your approach and hang back tot get work done. The more we as a society begin to realize this, I think the stronger groups can become, since abandoning the myths surrounding leadership is vital in redefining group roles moving forward.

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