Experiences Make Great Leaders

In my personal opinion, experiences make great leaders! If you think about it, our experiences help to comprise who we are as individuals. Whether the experience is good or bad, the shape us in ways that sometimes we may be unaware of. For me, my relationships with people in the past help to navigate my relationships with people now. I think a lot of times people let the negative situations they encounter with people affect them in ways that take a toll on their present and future relationships. In life, we are all bound to be disappointed; it’s just an unavoidable factor of life. How we handle these various situations is what transforms us into great leaders. Important qualities of leaders include courage, stability, strength, endurance, and inspiration. Leaders are often role models, and as we have people looking up to us, whether it’s someone younger or a fellow student, it is our responsibility as leaders to teach them and guide them in the right direction. How do we teach them? From personal experiences! Being in a situation and overcoming varying circumstances is much different from an outside perspective. Being able to demonstrate that it is possible to get through a certain situation is a powerful aspect of being a leader. Many times, a situation may be difficult to talk about or share with others, but I feel that these situations are important to express because not only do they encourage someone who may be experiencing a similar situation, but it also encourages oneself by means that it helps to bring home the idea that, “hey, this is what I went through. But more so this is what I overcome!” I think having these moments make us stronger as an overall person. In addition, when going to lead a group of people, it makes it easier to relate to people finding a common ground based on experiences. Being able to inspire people is a profound factor of leadership and by sharing experiences-I feel that many people are inspired and effective leaders are born.

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