Whats the best??(the video is because your the best)

So today I was thinking… Could someone make up their own type of leadership style and could it be superior then other leadership styles. Then I was like no…. saying one style is better than another is basically wrong all leaders change something. Even the leader s that fail help teach their followers how to improve from their failure. This leads to what I personally believe which is that everyone is a leader in their own special way.  What makes you a great leader is that all of your actions are intending to be positive to help a situation then hurt a situation.  It’s always about the effort that you put into whatever you do.

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  1.   Lelly Says:

    Yes, indeed I seoncd that! As a woman I am so proud of the Speaker. She has endured insults and disrepect because she is a woman. It was wonderful to see her walk side by side last weekend with Congressman John Lewis, who also endured terrible trials as a black man all in the name of equality and civil rights. They are ushering in a new era of civil rights where everyone has a right to healthcare, regardless of race, economic class, or gender. Yes, they are the champions of all Americans and they deserve or praise and respect for their moral courage!

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