Overlooking Those That Matter

So I decided to go to the Capital Food Bank Trip and I was really hoping that it would be a good day. I get nervous to go on activities with this hall because everyone already knows each other and I feel constantly left out. I am having a really hard time getting comfortable at Mason and so I usually avoid confrontation all together. I thought I would give my floor another chance and maybe things would be different, so I went. Well they weren’t! I still felt left out but I actually had a great day. When we finally got to the food back even though it was an hour late, I felt this overwhelming compassion to help. Even though I was not comfortable with those that I was working with, I was so happy that I could help those in need. I was overlooking the importance of the people that were going to get the boxes we were filling and I was thinking about myself. Even though I didn’t not have the best day, I know that I really made someone else’s day even better then I can image. So next time I think about myself and how I am going to feel, I will take a step back and thing about the impact I could have on someone else’s day.

-keilah S

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