So I’m pretty sure everyone has heard the whole “time management” speech as college students and how vital it is to our success. When you think about it, time management really is important, because we are all very busy in various aspects of our lives whether it is in sororities and fraternities, student government, athletics, jobs, classes, and various organizations on campus. It takes a very balanced schedule and hard work ethic to make sure that we are all meeting the deadlines designated by professors and activities we are involved in. Similarly, as leaders time management is vital to our success and reliability within a given team or organization. A lot of times as leaders we may have to meet with a committee or corresponding group and if we are heading that meeting and we do not have our part done, then we are not effective leaders. It is important for us to be prepared for all circumstances and manage our time accordingly. In the case that we are not prepared, we look bad as leaders because in this chain of command we are looked up to. So in order to avoid this circumstance, we should always be one step ahead of the pack! In essence, as leaders we should manage our time so that we can help our team or organization instead of hindering with horrible time management skills. Below I have put some tips for managing your time!


  • Know your deadlines! This way they will not sneak up on you
  • Find out where you are wasting your time and rearrange it!
  • Implement a plan where you will be more effective as a leader

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Re’Necia C

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  1.   soofed Says:

    Great way to see leadership in a management perspective. No matter what leadership position (store manager, class president, community involvement, etc.) one must know their time to get what needs to be done finalized. Most great leaders sometimes get overshadowed by their lack of time management because their goals aren’t achieved in a timely fashion. A great leader know his or her time well to achieve the goal of the group.

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