Leadership In Theory

I think a lot of times people see leadership as a hierarchical formation, which poses a big problem. By hierarchical I mean by means of a sort of pyramid form with leaders at the top and followers at the bottom. Although leaders are designated into these positions of authority, it does not necessarily mean that they are more significant than the staff or the people that are subordinate to them. In general, titles separate the authoritative figures from the rest of the group, but it does not mean that they are more significant or important as a whole. A lot of times followers or people that do not have leadership positions have just as much to offer to a team as those in leadership roles do because their mentality is different. As leaders it is our obligation to be able to think from different perspectives and look at situations from angles that we would not necessarily look at. Personally, I feel that everyone on a team or in a organization plays a vital role in making sure that the organization meets its requirements or goals. When people are relegated or marginalized into a specific position simply based on their education or status, it sells the entire organization or team short of what it is capable of. When you have leaders that are open to suggestions on what others have to say as opposed to feeling as if they have to make all of the decisions, I think the operation runs a lot smoother. In addition, I am sure that leaders will find that their job is made a lot easier as more people step up to the plate and exercise their leadership potential.

Remember: ANYONE can be a leader! Leaders come in all shapes, sizes, genders, backgrounds, and viewpoints!

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Tediah Grant

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