Gender Specific

I’m going to be real upfront here. I blog about things that I deal with in my life. I’ve blogged about DO NOT STRETCH! I also blogged about Leading to Be Judged. Now, I’m gonna blog about the issues that some people may have with gender specific leadership roles.

Are there any really? Are they gender specific? Are there things guys can do that girls can do? Vice versa? Are guys inherently better leaders? Does the maternal instinct of women call for them to be more lenient on decisions of drastic measures? When women have a taken a leadership position and have made the personal decisions to start a family, should they be required to return? Should they be forced to resign? Is it fair that women don’t get equal pay for equal work? Is it wrong that men who claim to be sexually harassed at work are not taken seriously. I feel all of these are issues that we need to sit down and discuss, but who is actually gonna do it. Men and women are both held responsible for the injustices on both sides. If we all want to have equal rights, we have to put up an equal fight.

-Roger Dean

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