Hello my friends :). Let’s conquer our fears today ! Yay! Whether it’s a physical fear, fear of injury, an emotional fear, fear of feeling certain emotions, or a mental fear, fear of heights, let’s conquer them today ! ^^




If you HONESTLY thought

that you could kill your fear,

 just like that, in ONE DAY!!!!!

THEN YOU’RE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Pretty much everything you know is wrong. If you live a lifestyle that honestly thinks of instantaneous events like that to just occur, like curing a fear. Curing a fear will not take you one day. If it took you one day to cure a fear, that’s not a permanent cure. It will eventually come back to haunt you. And destroy your entire being from the inside out.

To honestly cure a fear, it takes more than one day to do this. It takes everyone different amounts of time to cure a fear, some people will take a few years, while others will take just a few months, some a few weeks, rarely a few days. In all the cases, none of them are instant.

Okay, since we can’t get rid of your fear today. Let’s get rid of it over the span of days. Who knows how many days, right? Only you’ll know yourself when you finally have conquered your fear. It’s best to start now instead of later.

First, you have to identify your fear. Then, you have to face it once every day. At least just once. Whatever that fear is. It could be the fear of fear itself. So to face this fear, possibly look at a list of fears to be afraid of. Are you afraid of anything else besides your fear of fears? If so, be afraid to be afraid of that other fear. Then, you’ll be facing it. Be afraid at least once a day, and every day that passes by, that fear will be less powerful than it was the previous day.

So start and conquer whatever fear it is you have. 🙂

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Thanks for reading this far. NOT. I don’t think anyone is even reading ONE WORD THAT I write! I’m FRUSTRATED ! ! ! ! !


3 Responses to “FEAR”

  1.   cshuler Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I read your article and originally found it really discouraging but through reading it all the way through i discovered a lot of positives from the points you were trying to convey. I think facing your fears is definitely a long process but also very critical to your development as an individual as well as as a leader

  2.   rgawat Says:

    Hey Cameron, I’m glad you read through it.

    I’m not being serious about the “I’m SO FRUSTRATED!!” comment by the way. It was just something to add in for a more emotional impact 🙂

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