Organic Vs. Organizational Approach

One of the last things we discussed in Wednesday’s class was organic vs. organizational approach. Professor Swags defined the Organic Approach as starting out a project/mission on a small scale and seeing how far it goes, kind of like going with the flow of things. On the contrary, Organizational was specified as taking the time out to thoroughly plan a project, then setting forth to accomplish the task. I am a strong believer in strict planning; rarely do I like to walk into something blind.

The example that I gave in class was about a Sensory Garden my AP Bio class was responsible for constructing last year. From the month of April all the way up to the last week of classes, we worked nonstop on proposals and design schemes for it. As leaders of this project, we had to decide where on school grounds we could grow the garden, what flowers would bloom best, the cost of the flowers, where we could purchase seeds, and so forth. Most of our time was spent so much on organizing and contacting the right people, that there was no time for us to actually build the garden ourselves. But I was ok with that because I knew the next class would have all the blueprints and information themselves to get the task done.

So in a nutshell, what I’m trying to say is that leadership, in my opinion, is best represented through an organizational approach. Creating rules and structure may not sound like a fun idea, but it sets the foundation for everything to follow and builds the groundwork for others to reflect upon.

Does anyone feel similarly or differently on which approach to leadership works best? I am open to all feedback.

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